The Royal Anthropological Institute’s Education Department is putting together a printed publication that will go out to schools and colleges teaching anthropology and for future outreach events.  We are interested in publicising the fantastic and important work that anthropologists are doing around the world and are looking for some interesting photographs that we can use for the publication along with a short description.


Submission guidelines- what we are looking for:

-          A high resolution image or images (maximum of 5 entries) of fieldwork conducted in the past 5-10 years (the best images would be ones that could tell the story visually and get readers interested in learning more about the research)

-          Title of each photograph, date and location

-          A short description of 50-100 words (this may have to be edited) describing the fieldwork, the aim and purpose of the research, and your role as an anthropologist conducting the fieldwork.  The description will be read by non-anthropologists so we want to make sure the research is comprehensible. Please try and keep it jargon free and journalistic in style.


The photographs submitted will remain the copyright of the person who took the photograph and will be credited as such in the brochure.  A selection of photographs and descriptions will be published in the printed publication. We apologise in advance if your submission is not selected for the publication. We are happy to send copies of the brochure to the anthropologists whose work is published as a thank you for their contribution.


We would also like to create a Flickr album of all the entries we receive so that teachers and students have an online resource as well. The photographs would be published on our Flickr website:  The anthropologists/photographers would retain the copyright of their images and the photographs.


Please submit your photograph and description to Nafisa Fera at .  If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


The deadline for submissions is Monday 4th February 2013.

We look forward to receiving your submissions,



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