Can Sex and Violence Revive the Public Interest in Anthropology?

Whether they were full of lies and exaggerations or not, Mead's adolescent sex in Samoa and Chagnon's fierce people of the Amazon definitely made anthropology popular.  I wonder if these thematic schemes--sex and violence--so overused in Hollywood will work in marketing anthropology.

I'm now trying these thematic schemes in my writing, so I won't lose my interest in poetry.

How I Got Syphilis

I blamed hashish at first
when he suddenly paused
while I was struggling to reach
my orgasm.
Then I thought it was absinthe
that made him think after we made love
that I was a pulsating slab
of liver.
After he sliced off his ear,
I quit seeing him,
hoping he would seek help and stop staring
at the sky.
I refused his sunflowers
and written flirtations
and began sleeping with his friend


Sleeping with Buson

In front of him—



wearing a cotton loincloth—

I hesitated

then shied away.


The scissors

sharp like his other blades—



were unwilling

before the white chrysanthemum.

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Comment by Huon Wardle on March 30, 2015 at 1:13pm

Intriguing topic. Try this paper by Moises Lino: a smart reflection on the issues you are raising here M--

'Sex Vignettes from a Brazilian Favela'


OAC Press



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