Ethnocentrism and double hole in the skull ;)

From the fieldwork diary....comments

Years, and years observing how anthropologists dont take the jump into the reallity of Indigenous people about laws, rights, social changes, specific basic features of the history of the context, and go to the field to do their job like the homework for the school but in this case for the university...

I dont know if its come from the low academic teaching each time less reflexive exercises, weak and with a lot of "pieces of knowloges" like a shop of clothes, the neoliberalism permebiality in the discipline, a lot of precarity in work, the increansigly ignorance, the ethnocentrism dont be overcome, plus the petty interests, even the fragments belong who does the research always highing the inconsciuss dimension of narcissism, neurosis, or other kind of dificcultties and own contradictions, that contribuit to speak against ethnocentric analyses while the researcher is doing a job with a lot of slants, or it is inside the darkness of the consumerrism present... that even blind to the researcher in order to collect dadas like products in a supermarket compulsivily,...  the binarism thought very much instalated as well as the guilties and the acuser behavior, ,,the big ignorance, maybe it is all together that show me to arrive almost today the following worries:

1-   People that dont ask aloud to go to study in indigenous areas to their institutions and to the states when they are doing their jobs.

2-   A continuity of history fixation, an anchronistic viwe without observing the social intercations between all the society

3-   A lot of works that only are important for who does the reasearch, which finish always in nice books on the shelf without any kind of interest for the people who the researcher is studying...and maybe for all the others around the research as well...

So, we find a long cue of books saying the same, when in the reallity it is not the same and also a depression, because the repeatition is enourmeus while it avoids to see what ´s happens in the social links, social facts, etc...

Some times I feel shame when I listen an I observe how the the changes in indigenous populations are going in one ear and go out from another...

As anthropologist of recycling, has some reading in psychoanalys, work in humour and after have been working in indegonous areas I m worry about it and try to see a way to be less bored of listen the same , honestly!

We usually speak about the ethnocentric point of viwe in the past research ..When Levi- Strauss went to the rainforest, was a begining of changes in the area, also he pointed it, it has passed long time...

as well as the time when he wrote Race et Histoire and the chapters about ethnocentrism in the Structural Anthropologic or the studies by Viveros de Castro, or anothers important thinkers how are they redaing by the students and reserachers? 

I could test with my ex-students at the university in Spain, and a lot of professionals, and students in UK in different lectures, a strong lack of reflection about this aspect, very big, they read, but not intrepretated, very well reapeted the lesson but without learnt,  it is checked when you see or listen there coments..could be the memoristic teaching is inside also the discipline? jijiijijijii!

Or the discipline is continue being considered a place in the life itinariry a long teenager road in the Western Society with a salary to learn the lesson but for the academic and then we do something different? Even this because the anthropology continue inside the walls of the universities? This is became a prision for the discipline in on ehand... it is another be analys..

Sometimes while I listen how big facts how the presence of arms conflicts, institutions in convenius withe goverments leadering by indigenous, petrol and anaother kind of facts that afects around their life they are totally, but totally ignore.

Many times I feel that the researcher is highing under the bed in order not to see them... and I m very polite thinking in that way also.

I consider this topic has many levels of study, many spite of this with my habitual sense of humour I continue consider that bassically it is necessary to have two holes in the skull form where there is a door of go into the understand and another for the way out..that support this increasingly capacity of denay the Other.



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