If we dont see for what we work....um! Spanish article EL PAIS

This as the impact of neoliberalism within ALL sciences and plugging people, therefore, can hardly be changes that benefit humanity but only be the distraction of a group that is disconnected from the world and their needs as real desires. A group that stands up and spends itself, boasts of possessing a knowledge with an inabordable engerimiento that is only a smokescreen at the service of collective obstruction to knowledge. But the curtain falls, as so many nonsense are falling, precisely because reality is imposed ... piles of useless data, copied, plagiarized, studies that end up on a shelf, "academic tourism", issues that only concern the Researcher and his team to collect a budget and justify it, conferences and seminars boring, and useless to fulfill formalities ... and of course, there is a moment that all that begins to be seen by the runners of the universities, then what is read is for Laughing because people are asking for kilos of articles, then meta copy, and what should be beneficial to humanity because it is the opposite, their results only go to the pocket of some sad researchers in the service of a decadent system.

How we can ask for budget with this frame?


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