International InterCultural Communications - What would be your Seminar Proposals?

Cultural Anthropolgy studies the central social character of culture and civilizations - both past and present. Yet in the area of human connectiveness which is essential to the development of human society the present contemporary aspect of International InterCultural Communication [ I.I.C. ] in the present advances in social sciences are now causing younger - who are aware of this I.I.C. Process - professional Anthropologist to redeveloped their historic thinking of cultural transmissions over larger geographical areas. Thus others in the field should likewise take look at the I.I.C. Process as well and then relfect on their past research.

Thus the ole and new are now coming together into new acacemic and private arenas of seminar presentations. It is this view and other sub-topical areas which will be likewise posted in which you are encouraged to post your own program development to conduct relating topical seminars.

Please in the additional comments " What would be your Seminar Proposals?"

Roger M. Christian
Ithaca, New York

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