Life in Locker: The State of the Rohingyas in Bangladesh

Life in Locker: The State of the Rohingyas in Bangladesh

Description of the book:
This is a book about the "Rohingya", a group of religious, ethnic and linguistic minority people of Myanmar but now large number of whom live in Bangladesh as refugees and illegal migrants. They became stateless people when the Government of Myanmar enacted "Myanmar Citizenship Law" in 1982 which constitutionally excluded them as the citizens of Myanmar. Besides, the Government of Bangladesh has always been reluctant in accepting them even as refugees in its land. Therefore, the Rohingyas now hold the identity of statelessness in Myanmar and the fate of refugee-hood in Bangladesh. This book presents a comprehensive picture by giving critical look and re-look at the popular narratives regarding the Rohingya refugee problem that both Bangladesh and Myanmar have been dealing with for decades. By so doing, the book provides an alternative readings to understand the Rohingya refuges issues fromwider, deeper and holistic perspectives.



Introduction: Counter-Narratives on Rohingya Issues

Nasir Uddin



Who are Rohingyas and How? Origin and Development of the Rohingyas in Arakan

Mohammad Mohibullah Siddiquee    



Bar between Brothers: Rohingya-Issue in Bangladesh-Myanmar Relations 

Mahfuzul H Chowdhury & Nasir Uddin



Non-traditional Security and Problems of Rohingya across the Bangladesh –Myanmar Borders

Syeda Naushin Parnini 



Plight of Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh: Legal Aspects of the Problem




Between Entertainment and Encounter: Crises of Integration of Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh

Nasir Uddin 



Rural Livelihoods of Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh and their Impacts on Forests: The Case of

Teknaf Wildlife Sanctuary

Muhammad Aby Syed Afrin Khan, Mohammad Salim Uddin & C. Emdad Haque



Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh: Humanitarian Assistances, Internal Disturbances and the Role of

External Factors

Muhammad Faridul Alam

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