Instead of explaining my whole reserch I will just point some thoughts that pass through my head (it can be really tiring writing all over again about one´s themes).

Right now I am thinking if anti-semitism in 19th century Europe isn´t very deeply rooted in judeo-christian cosmology. The trend amongst reserchers/scholars is to differentiate rather sharply between the medieval anti-judaism and modern anti-semitism. Although there are obviously important differences, I ask myself if they do not miss important connections when choosing this path.

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Comment by Roger M. Christian on November 30, 2009 at 12:56am
Barbara OW

Hello again,

Over the weekend I thought more of the subject you have touched upon and earnestly believe you will need this.

Once one is able to see emerging out of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement -its process and original intent of personal observances - you will come face to face of what is the singularity of Jewish Centralities [ note the plural ] in which the key unlocking socio-cultural focus is how this defines human [ though its called Jewish does not really reflect the personage to which Yom Kippur espouses ] piousness as a direct result of belief in G - D, and only G - D.

Anti - Semitism is rooted in a deeper non - typical human behavior which will have direct connections to sexual harrasment, seuxal assault, rape, murder, military plunder - the origins of war, fascisms, and other similar arch - bahaviors. Thus the differences between Medieval Ant- Semitism and Modern Anti - Semitism are joined. In fact there are no obviously important differences since the constructed cause are found in those individuals who have all the same disfunctional behaviorisms now as then, and even unto the time and era of Israel's Judges,

How one achieves power, and the anxieties which are promoted which to produce public support of ones vision is the sociopolitical path of discourse. None the less, if you are looking at Anti - Semitism then you should have what are the very fascets of Jewish Centrality to which one [ note I did not mentioned the word Jewish here ] personality emerges out of dedication to the real human pious goals of ATONEMENT as model in which comparisons can be deifned.

Then further examine to human disfunctions and causes of hate and this can be found in present research in the causes of RAPE for example among other items of known social sciences and then in camparison between the human persona of human [ note I did not use the word Jewish ] piousness and the human disfunctions of hate, such as rape and as result a clearer path of analysis can be constructed.

Then go to the Book of Hebrews and afterwich you will be able to see how the various forms of theological uncertainties which were created by PAUL, its author, were exploited after its publication by those who wanted church, social, or political power. Thus there is Judeo - Christian written interpretation of Anti - Jewish cosmolgy which might be different in the vision of the Book of Hebrews authored by PAUL himself-though its connection to Anti - Semitism will always remain unknown as a result of the irony of PAULs presences within Christianity.

So I will encourage you to take this path of discovery, and then apply the modern techniques of social sciences - especially in present innovations in research of RAPE, with the key importance in mind - what is the persona human character which emerges after the pious process of Atonment before G - D as your central comparison to your interests as stated. Thus using the antropological process of present human behaviorism as a key to the understanding of the past.

Then the same factors which causes RAPE are the same which produces Anti - Semitism and in history RAPE was more wide-spread just as much as Anti - Semitism and then you have you central thesis.

I wish you success in your career and endeavors,

Roger M. Christian
Ithaca, New York
Comment by John McCreery on November 26, 2009 at 1:12am
See James Carroll Constantine's Sword, the book or the movie.
Comment by Roger M. Christian on November 25, 2009 at 11:52pm

The difficulty you will have is that at present there are other archives which have not been used in the present research as well as in most published thesis of the subject you are looking at and have shown complete lack of additional needed information.

Please be advised that at Vatican Archives as well as in some of the more venerated Middle East Islamic Libraries such as those which exist in Turkey exist additional valued sources.

None the less, the differences in used wordages such as anti-judaism and modern anti-semitism were dilberate manisfestations based upon the authors own ego and trying to establish a name. Its all the same. The real work you should do is the look for the defining element in what is Jewish by going to the English translations of the Yom - Kippur ceremony - the following afternoon service and see the points in which Jews beg for forgiveness to OUR G - D and CREATOR - this in comparison to time centered publications should give you a better indication of what really was happening during the various times and eras you are researching.


There is a lot out there and most of it only one fourth measure in which those who authored most of it did not have the courage to probed into the more difficult questions and nor were ever willing to publish the resulting discoveries to a few did made.

Please be careful about this subject.

May you have a warm and happy Thanksgiving,

Roger M. Christian
Ithaca, New York
P.S. I will be off - line till the 29th


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