Some people take culture seriously. Why?

With a tip of the hat to Bill Bishop at Sinocism,

Cultural reflection can improve modern governance: Xi - Xinhuaat Politburo study session  //  Xi argued that ancient ideologies still have deep influence on people nowadays, and they should be scientifically analyzed so as to inherit and promote the good parts and discard the negative elements. "The absolutistic attitude of accepting or dismissing them completely is out of the question," he told his audience. According to Xi, Chinese traditional cultures represent the country's most profound soft power, and Chinese people should never forget their pasts or belittle themselves. "A country's governing system and capacity are closely related to its heritage and traditional cultures, and the answers to China's issues must be found in our own land," Xi said, adding that the socialist path with Chinese characteristics is determined by cultural and historical factors.

The Xi in question is Xi Jiping, the premier of China, who is reported to favor legalist interpretations of Confucianism that reinforce the power of his government.

A possible moral for the story: If your work involves collaborating with tribal elders who favor traditional ways, you might want to ask why. 

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