worldwise - bringing anthropological value to development?

Dear all,

Just wanted to let you know of a project that I'm involved with which has been partially funded by the LSE.


We're trying to create a one-stop-shop for development agencies who are interested in incorporating anthropologists into their projects - the main premise being that there is a wealth of anthropological knowledge that would be extremely valuable to development projects throughout the world which is simply not being put to use.


At the moment we are asking current PhD students and those who already hold PhD's to register in our website - we have some informal expressions of interest from possible clients and are hoping to create some pilot projects soon.  


If anyone is interested don't hesitate to write to me or simply sign up on our website.  We also have atwitter account which posts relevant news and updates which may be of interest. 


I'll be glad to answer any questions, comments, criticisms, etc. We also think it would be great to start a discussion on the value of anthropology for development, as well as all the latent dangers. We look forward to your insights!


All the best!!

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