Author Topic: Top 3 Methods Of Using Android’s Autocorrect!  (Read 9 times)

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Top 3 Methods Of Using Android’s Autocorrect!
« on: January 11, 2019, 07:44:08 PM »
If you are among the one who feels bad after sending a message filled with grammatical mistakes to someone, then this blog is perfect for you. To be safe, activate autocorrect to avoid yourself from writing wrong words in mails and SMS.  Sometim
Here is how you can use Android’s Autocorrect

1.   Put Words And Short Forms To Your Private Dictionary

In some places, like Gmail, you can put new words straight to the application. This method is related to the gadget and its OS. For instance, you wrote a word that’s not present in the dictionary and is overwritten a bit. In such cases, pressing the delete will change it to the actual word that you wrote. Otherwise, it can be even possible to write the word once again. In any of the situation,s the word in doubt will get underlined. You can hit on that word once or twice and select ‘add to dictionary’ or ‘replace’ to save the words that you need to put.

Source:- Brother Printer Support