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We know a granular refractory material used in the production of foundry sand and core sand in foundry casting. In the case of using clay as a molding sand binder, about 1 ton of new sand is required for each ton of qualified castings produced, so the amount of foundry sand is the largest in sand casting production. Silica sand is the most commonly used foundry sand. What kind of sand making machine is used to produce foundry sand?
The main mineral composition of silica sand is quartz, and the main chemical composition is SiO2. 1 Natural silica sand: Due to its chemical composition and particle size composition, it is used for the sand and core sand of non-ferrous alloy castings, cast iron parts and small and medium-sized steel castings. 2Selected natural silica sand: used for various cast steel sands and core sands with organic materials as binder. 3 artificial silica sand: sand and core sand used for precision casting, furnace lining or steel casting. The hardness of silica sand is high and the processing is difficult. The new sand making machine of ZENITH production line--VSI new sand making machine has advanced design, high efficiency, environmental protection and fire resistance. It is the most ideal equipment for casting silicon sand processing. Below we will introduce you to the advanced sand making features of ZENITH VSI's new sand making machine.
ZENITH VSI's new sand making machine can crush hard quartz stone and silica to less than 5mm, and has high crushing efficiency. The produced quartz sand and silica sand products have excellent grain shape—the product is cubic, the shape is good, the gradation is reasonable, and the fineness mode The number is adjustable. It is the most advanced silica sand processing equipment at present. Compared with the traditional equipment under the same power, the processing capacity is large, the output is high, and the output is increased by 30% and stable. The silica sand produced by the sand making machine has good shape and high fineness, and is an ideal processing equipment for high quality silica sand. The sand making machine adopts the advanced principle of “stone stone” + “stone iron”, which has many functions such as crushing, fine crushing, sand making and stone shaping. It is the best choice for processing high quality foundry sand, silica sand and quartz sand.