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Welcome to the new home for OAC seminars.

From the 15th March Marcio Goldman will be joining us to discuss his paper 'The Ontology of Possession in Bahian Candomblé'.

The seminar will initially run for a week from the 15th - 29th of March 2017.

In advance of the seminar we encourage readers to explore the paper:

Click here to READ ONLINE  - Click here to DOWNLOAD

OAC Seminars take place online but with the process of question and response spread out over a fortnight. Once you have had time to read the paper you are invited to comment and discuss during the two week time frame. The seminar takes places in the form of an online conversation with replies posted in the thread below. In some cases we will also open a discussion on as well where members can also join the dialogue.

Discussions / Erich Fromm on the rise of political authoritarianism
« on: March 01, 2017, 02:24:32 PM »
Erich Fromm: "Ideas often are consciously accepted by certain groups, which, on account of the peculiarities of their social character, are not really touched by them; such ideas remain a stock of conscious convictions, but people fail to act according to them in a critical hour. An example of this is shown in the German labour movement at the time of the victory of Nazism. The vast majority of German workers before Hitler’s coming into power voted for Socialist or Communist Parties and believed in the ideas of those parties; that is, the range of these ideas among the working class was extremely wide. The weight of these ideas, however, was in no proportion to their range. The onslaught of Nazism did not meet with political opponents, the majority of whom were ready to fight for their ideas. Many of the adherents of the leftist parties, although they believed in their party programmes as long as the parties had authority, were ready to resign when the hour of crisis arrived. A close analysis of the character structure of German workers can show one reason – certainly not the only one – for this phenomenon. A great number of them were of a personality type that has many of the traits of what we have described as the authoritarian character. They had a deep-seated respect and longing for established authority. The emphasis of socialism on individual independence versus authority, on solidarity versus individualistic seclusion, was not what many of these workers really wanted on the basis of their personality structure. One mistake of the radical leaders was to estimate the strength of their parties only on the basis of the range which these ideas had, and to overlook their lack of weight."

Discussions / Opening a seminar and... How Does All This Work?
« on: March 01, 2017, 12:21:19 PM »
Here we are, once again at the beginning of a new OAC project  ;) So I am trying out the functions of this new site. One thing I am noticing is that there are 16 emoticons but you can't attach a document or create a link to another page. Let us see how things unfold... We need to have both those functions working so that we can host Marcio Goldman's (and other upcoming) papers over the coming months.

I now notice that I can modify messages (indefinitely) in a way that I could not in the past. This looks good in principle (better edited , better thought through replies) . But, what effect will that have on dialogue?

What about putting an image -- is there a way of doing that?

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