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The ultra-fine grinding machines commonly used in China are: roller-type ultrafine grinding machine (also known as flat-plate grinding), roller- bowl ultrafine grinding machine (also known as bowl-type grinding), ring-type ultrafine grinding machine. (also known as E-type grinding), roller-ring ultrafine mill.
Now take the medium-speed ultrafine mill as an example to introduce its structure and working principle. The medium-speed ultra-fine mill can be divided into four parts along the height direction: transmission, grinding parts, dry separation space and separator and coal powder distribution device. The working principle of various medium-speed ultra-fine mills is basically similar, namely:
1 The raw coal is crushed into pulverized coal by being squeezed and milled under the action of pressing force;
2 The pulverized coal powder is thrown to the annular hot air passage with the equalizing guide vanes, and the hot air enters the drying space through the wind ring at a certain speed to dry the pulverized coal;
3 hot air brings the dried coal powder into the coarse powder in the upper part of the grinding area for separation, and the qualified coal powder is taken out by the desiccant through the dispenser;
4 The impurities (such as stones, metal blocks, etc.) in the raw coal fall from the wind ring into the sundries frost.
The ultrafine mill motor drives the grinding disc to rotate through the reducer, and the material falls from the feeding port to the center of the grinding disc through the lock air feeder, and the hot air enters the grinding chamber from the air inlet. With the rotation of the grinding disc, the material moves to the edge of the grinding disc under the action of centrifugal force. When it passes through the annular groove on the grinding disc, it is crushed by the grinding roller, and the crushed material is brought up by the high-speed airflow of the wind ring at the edge of the grinding disc. The particles fall directly onto the grinding disc and re-grind. When the material in the airflow passes through the upper separator, under the action of the rotating rotor, the coarse powder falls from the cone to the grinding disc and is re-grinded, and the qualified fine powder is ground together with the airflow. The dust device collects, that is, the product, the moisture-containing material is dried during the contact with the hot air flow, and the hot air temperature can be adjusted to meet the requirements of different humidity materials to achieve the required product moisture. By adjusting the separator, the required thickness of different products can be achieved.


As we all know, ultra-fine grinding machine is a very common grinding machine, which has a very wide range of applications in the market. The ultrafine mill can be used in a single machine or widely used in the grinding production line. Ultra-fine grinding machine Equipment grinding plants are vital, so what should we do to maintain the efficient production and safe operation of ultra-fine mills? Improving safety in a way that protects workers' safety is an important way to find the wrong way to operate and properly operate the ultra-fine mill. The following aspects are scientific means to improve the performance of the ultra-fine mill and to ensure the grinding capacity of the grinding mill.
1. Rely on the operation and maintenance manual of the ultra-fine mill to ensure the smooth operation of the ultra-fine mill.
2. Install the ultra-fine mill and master the flow chart of the ultrafine mill.
3. Adopt innovative ultra-fine grinding machine and introduce new grinding technology to ensure work quality and life safety.
In the process of improving the production efficiency of the ultra-fine mill in the grinding mill, firstly, the Raymond mill equipment is started under non-load conditions. If there is some material in the device when the Raymond mill is started, the pressure of the motor will be A large increase, a more serious degree will burn the motor. Therefore, when we start the ultra-fine mill, please make sure that your equipment is empty, then add gypsum or limestone into the ultra-fine mill after running; secondly, input the appropriate raw materials of the ultra-fine mill, generally speaking Too little feed can not reach the rated grinding capacity, and excessive push will be blocked at the feed port, sometimes it may damage the impeller of the mill; third, we should pay more attention to lubricating the ultra-fine grinding at fixed time intervals. The maintenance and lubrication system of the ultra-fine mill is very important.

The sand making machine is very similar to the stone machine. How do you distinguish between the two types of equipment? The SBM sand making machine engineers analyzed and compared the characteristics and principles of the two sand making machines, and summarized the methods for distinguishing the sand making machine from the stone shaping as follows:
Let us first introduce you to what is a stone shaping machine? Stone shaping machine is also called gravel shaping machine or vertical shaft impact crusher. It is a high-end sand making equipment professionally used for crushing and stone shaping. It is widely used in the fine and coarse grinding of metal and non-metal ore, building aggregate, cement, refractory materials, abrasives, glass raw materials, artificial sand and gravel materials, and various metallurgical slags. It can also be used for the shaping of high-grade road pavement stones. Common stone shaping machines include VI series stone shaping machine, vertical shaft impact type sand making machine, VSI new sand making machine and so on. The products produced by these equipments have high content of cubes, excellent grades and good grain shape, which meet the natural standards. In view of the stone shaping machine has a variety of broken fines, sand making, stone shaping and other functions. It can also be said that the usual stone shaping machine can also be called a stone shaping sand making machine.
Not all sand making machine have the function of stone shaping. Usually sand making machine equipment is used to crush all kinds of hard and brittle materials, such as iron ore, copper ore, gold and silver ore, manganese ore, cement, artificial sand, fluorite, limestone, steel slag, etc. The fine crushing operation of medium-hard and corrosive materials is specially provided for high-quality gravel aggregates for highways, high-speed railways, high-rise buildings, municipal, hydropower dam construction and concrete mixing stations. Its main role is to finely crush sand. Common sand making machine equipment, river pebble sand making machine, third generation sand making machine, sanding machine, hammer type sand making machine, impact type sand making machine, rod grinding type sand making machine, high efficiency environmental protection sand making machine, VSI new sand making machine. The VSI new sand making machine in these sand making machines can be used as both a sand making machine and a stone shaping machine. It is a rare multi-purpose sand making machine.
With the advancement of science and technology, simple stone shaping or simple sand making machine equipment is constantly undergoing transformation, and it is developing towards diversification and multi-functionality. The sand making equipment that combines various functions such as sand making and stone shaping will be more popular in the market. SBMVSI's new sand making machine is officially adhering to this concept. The new high-speed sand making machine VSI is the most powerful, the application field is more powerful, the sand making effect is better, and it is more competitive in the market.


The quality of the finished sand is related to the sand making material and the particle size and shape of the finished sand. Therefore, knowing how to adjust the discharge size and material shape of the sand making machine is of great benefit to the production of high quality sand and gravel aggregate. When the sand making machine (sanding machine) is working, the rotor rotates at high speed under the driving of the motor. When the material enters the action area of ​​the hammer, it impacts and breaks with the hammer on the rotor, and then is thrown to the counter-attack device to break again. Then, it is rebounded from the counter-attack liner back to the plate hammer action zone, and the process is repeated. The material enters from large to small, and the counter-attack cavity is repeatedly crushed until the material is broken to the required particle size and discharged from the discharge port. .
The purpose of changing the material discharge size and material shape can be achieved by adjusting the gap between the counter frame and the rotor in the sand making machine. SBM's new sand making machine can process all kinds of coarse, medium and fine materials ores, rocks (granite, limestone, concrete, etc.) with a particle size of not more than 120-500 mm and a compressive strength of not more than 320 MPa. It is widely used in hydropower and high speed. Roads, artificial sand and gravel, crushing and other industries. This series of impact crushing structure is unique, equipped with high chrome plate hammer and unique counter-attack lining; suitable for hard rock crushing, high efficiency and energy saving; adjustable grain size, which can simplify the crushing process, and has large crushing ratio and high crushing efficiency. The product has the advantages of cube shape and selective crushing.
Compared with the traditional old sand making machine, the sand making machine has stable operation, low working noise, high efficiency and energy saving, high crushing efficiency; small influence of moisture content of the material, water content of up to 8%; low loss of wearing parts All wearing parts are made of high quality wear-resistant materials at home and abroad and have a long service life. The product is cubic, with high bulk density and low iron pollution. Can be used as a stone shaping machine.

New Seminars / Precautions during the use of slag vertical mill
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The slag vertical mill is widely used. The SBM Industrial Technology Group below introduces the precautions in the use of the slag energy saving vertical roller mill.
1. During the use of the slag vertical mill, there should be fixed personnel responsible for the inspection, and the operators must have a certain level of technology. The slag vertical mill must perform the necessary technical training for the operator before installation to understand the principle performance of the slag vertical mill and familiar with the operating procedures.
2. After using the slag vertical mill for a period of time, it should be repaired. At the same time, the wearing parts such as the grinding roller and the blade should be repaired and replaced. The grinding roller device should be carefully checked before and after the use. There is looseness and the grease is added.
3, in order to make the slag vertical mill normal, the equipment "equipment maintenance and safety operation system" should be established to ensure the long-term safe operation of the slag vertical roller mill operation, and necessary maintenance tools and grease and corresponding accessories.
4. When the grinding roller device of the slag vertical mill is used for more than 500 hours to replace the grinding roller, the rolling bearings in the roller sleeve must be cleaned, and the damaged parts should be replaced in time. The fueling tool can be used with manual fuel pump and grease gun. .


With the development of sand making machine production technology, the application fields of sand making machine equipment are more and more extensive, and a variety of diversified sand making machine equipment emerges endlessly. People are becoming more familiar with the role and function of sand making equipment. The application of sand making equipment in the field of diamond processing is also common. In addition, the corundum has stable chemical properties, high thermal conductivity and thermal expansion. The expansion coefficient is small and the wear resistance is good. After deep processing, the use of silicon carbide and market development have gone further.
Emery is made of quartz sand, petroleum coke (or coal char) and wood chips as raw materials through high temperature smelting in an electric resistance furnace. After deep processing of a series of equipment such as sand making machines, it can be used in functional ceramics, advanced refractory materials, abrasives and metallurgical raw materials. The special method is applied to the inner wall of the turbine impeller or the cylinder block to improve the wear resistance and prolong the service life by 1 to 2 times; the advanced refractory material used for the production is heat-resistant and small in volume. Light weight and high strength, good energy saving effect. Low grade silicon carbide (about 85% SiC) is an excellent deoxidizer, which speeds up steelmaking and facilitates control of chemical composition and quality of steel. In addition, silicon carbide is also widely used to make silicon carbide rods for electric heating elements.
SBM's silicon carbide sandblasting equipment is the ideal choice for processing corundum. It not only works well for processing hard diamonds, but also can be used for fine sand making machine and stone shaping of various ores, rocks, quartz sands, etc. SBM Emery sand making machine is highly resistant to wear and low carbon, providing powerful equipment support for the high-speed development of the Emery industry.


Vertical roller mill is an important grinding equipment in industrial production. During the operation of vertical mill, sometimes the vertical roller mill can not work normally, then it needs to stop and repair the vertical mill. Investing in re-production, so it is crucial to understand the factors affecting the normal production of vertical mills. What are the factors that affect the normal production of vertical mills?
1. The quality of the vertical mill is not good. The quality of the vertical mill is one of the important factors affecting the normal production of the vertical mill. The better the quality of the vertical mill, the more stable the operation and the smaller the vibration, which is an important guarantee for the continuous and efficient production of the vertical mill. On the contrary, the quality of the vertical mill is flawed, so there will always be problems in the operation process. Therefore, the quality of the vertical mill affects the normal production of the vertical mill.
2. The running-in degree between the gears of the vertical mill is not good. According to the working principle of the vertical mill, if the vertical roller mill is running poorly between the equipments during operation, if there is a gap between the gears, the vertical mill will give an abnormality during the operation. The sound will also affect the normal operation of the vertical mill.
3. The vertical mill lining is seriously worn. In the grinding process of the vertical mill, some materials have relatively high hardness. The vertical mill has very serious wear on the lining during the grinding process, which requires the user to check the wear degree of the vertical mill lining in time. Once it is not available, it needs to be replaced in time, otherwise it will affect the normal production of the vertical mill.
3. The power supply voltage is unstable. Different types of vertical roller mills have different motor powers, but the vertical mill has the same requirements for the supply voltage. If the vertical mill is unstable during the production process, the vertical mill is used. A stable voltage cannot be achieved during the operation of the machine, which will affect the normal production of the vertical mill.
Combined with the above analysis, there are many factors affecting the normal production of vertical mills, and many influencing factors can be avoided, such as timely removal of the residues of the vertical mill barrel and regular maintenance of the vertical mill equipment. Timely check and replace the vertical mill lining, etc., then how to ensure the normal production of the vertical mill?
1. Normal operation of the vertical mill. Before the vertical mill is put into production, the user should carefully read the equipment operation manual, follow the correct steps, and avoid the illegal operation. This will not only extend the service life of the vertical mill, but also ensure the vertical mill. Normal production.
2. The specifications and models of the vertical mill should be consistent with the actual production requirements. Different types of vertical mills have different bearing capacities. When users purchase vertical mills, they can choose the right type of vertical mill equipment in combination with actual production requirements. If the vertical mill model has passed Small, vertical mill opportunities are overloaded, and the model size is too large, which will cause the vertical mill to idle. Therefore, users are advised to choose the right type of vertical mill.
3. The overall performance of the vertical mill is better. The overall performance of the vertical mill mentioned here mainly includes the quality of the vertical mill, the production process, the scientific and technological content, etc. The initial input cost of the vertical mill is better than that of the traditional vertical mill. Said more, but the overall income is relatively high.


For the construction waste crusher, according to its type, it can be divided into jaw crushing equipment, cone crushing equipment and impact crushing equipment. Among these different types of equipment, the jaw crusher plays its thick The role of shredding, in the process of construction waste treatment, is generally in the primary position, the large pieces of garbage are crushed, processed into particles that can be accepted by subsequent production equipment, and then the subsequent production, from this description can Seeing the important role of the construction waste crusher, without the participation of the machine, it may take more cost to complete the construction waste disposal, but the machine will also have problems when working, common parts Damage, lubricant pollution, etc. will affect the production process. In fact, when it is working, there will be internal problems, which are the same as the damage of the parts. One of them is the deviation of the e-plane and even the body. Friction and collision occur on the side, which is extremely important for the work of the E-type construction waste crusher and even the service life. Lee is the need to promptly resolve, here to tell us about the internal problems, how to solve.
First of all, when this problem occurs, it should be stopped first, and then repaired. The repair process is as follows: Loosen the spring tie rod screw to the appropriate degree, and place a 5t or 10t on the rhyme of the back wall of the body. The hydraulic jack, the top start to the appropriate position, not only to prevent the bracket from falling off, but also to make the back against the toggle plate easy to reset, then use the iron to the top of the bracket, hit the iron of the E-type construction waste crusher with a sledgehammer Brazing, resetting the bracket, after resetting, welding a steel plate at the inner end of the bracket groove on the side of the deviation, generally welding both ends to prevent the bracket from running off, this way of treatment can be restored The working performance of the equipment.
In addition, in the production of E-type construction waste crusher, it is important to repair the equipment failure, but more importantly, during the production, the maintenance operation of all parts of the equipment can reduce the frequency of faults during work and reduce the maintenance cost. At the same time, it can also improve the production efficiency of the equipment.
The article mainly introduces the internal problems of the E-type construction waste crusher, mainly the phenomenon that the E-plate runs off and even causes friction and collision with the side of the body. Then it analyzes the solution of this phenomenon and introduces the maintenance during production. The importance of maintenance, there are a lot of detailed problems, we need to be patient.


What kind of equipment is used for building stone shaping? Counterattack crusher, impact crusher or VSI sand making machine? SBM is a senior manufacturer of sand making machine in the industry. Below we will introduce you to different specifications. The choice of stone shaping equipment.
Let us first understand the specifications of commonly used stone for construction. The scientific name of the stone used for construction is coarse aggregate, and its particle size is larger than 5mm, usually gravel or pebbles. Particle grading and maximum particle size: In reinforced concrete structure engineering, the maximum particle size of coarse aggregate should not exceed 1/4 of the structural size section, and should not be greater than 3/4 of the minimum clearance between steel bars. For concrete solid plates, the maximum particle size can be allowed to reach 1/3 plate thickness, but the maximum particle size must not exceed 40 mm (4 cm). For pumping concrete, the maximum particle size of the gravel should not exceed 1/3 of the diameter of the conveying pipe, and the maximum particle size of the pebbles should be no more than 1/2.5 of the diameter of the conveying pipe. That is to say, the main particle size of the stone is 5mm-40mm. VSI's new sand making machine has a very good stone shaping effect, but is it possible to use all VSI sanders to shape the stone? Let's take a closer look.
We all know that VSI's new sand making machine is a new type of stone shaping sand making machine. It is the most advanced mechanism sand equipment in the world. It is specially designed for highways, high-speed railways, high-rise buildings, municipal and hydropower dams. Concrete mixing plants provide high quality sand and gravel aggregates and are the preferred equipment for the field of artificial sand and stone shaping. So, is the VSI sand making machine suitable for stone shaping less than a centimeter? VSI's new sand making machine adopts the international advanced "stone stone" + "stone iron" principle to meet the different needs of users: artificial sand making, crushing Stone shaping, abrasive materials, etc. The sand and gravel products produced are in the form of cubes with good grain shape, reasonable gradation and adjustable fineness modulus. The maximum feed size is 30mm-60mm, which means that the 5mm-30mm stone is ideal for stone shaping with VSI sand making equipment, while the larger stone 5cm or more requires other stone shaping equipment. For larger-sized stone shaping, we recommend that you choose a counter crusher or a cone crusher for stone shaping. SBM Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. provides you with a variety of stone production equipment, sand making machines, stone shaping equipment, to provide you with a complete set of sandstone production line technology.

New Seminars / Quarry crusher workflow
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The quarry crusher is optimized from a variety of mining machinery and equipment, including mountain blasting equipment, feeding equipment, crushing equipment, screening equipment, sand making equipment, belt equipment, environmental dust removal and material transportation equipment.
The crushed materials in the quarry are different, and the crushing process is different. Click to view more crushing production sites. The following will explain the soft rock and hard rock separately:
1. The work flow of the quarry (the quarry of broken limestone, bluestone and other brittle materials) is mainly:
The large stone material silo is evenly fed into the heavy-duty counter crusher by the vibrating feeder for coarse crushing. The coarsely crushed stone material is sent to the shaping machine (also called hammer crusher) by the belt conveyor for further crushing; The stone material is sent to the vibrating screen by the belt conveyor for screening, and several stones of different specifications are screened out. The stone that meets the grain size requirements is sent to the finished material pile by the finished belt conveyor; the stone conveyor is not covered by the belt conveyor. The returned material is sent to a heavy-duty impact crusher or a shaping machine for re-crushing to form a closed circuit multiple cycles. The particle size of the finished product can be combined and graded according to the needs of the user. The sand needs to be sanded. The broken material can be broken into the double rotor sand making machine for crushing. In order to protect the environment, it can be equipped with auxiliary dust removal equipment. If it is necessary to improve the utilization of stone crushing. The rate can be equipped with dry sand and gravel separator, and the separated stone powder can be widely used in food, feed, chemical and other industries.
2. The work flow of the quarry crusher (the quarry of crushed granite, basalt and other hard materials) is mainly:
The large stone material silo is uniformly fed into the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder for coarse crushing, and the coarsely crushed stone material is sent by a belt conveyor to a shaping machine (also called a hammer crusher) or a counter crusher. Further crushing; the finely crushed stone is sent to the vibrating screen by the belt conveyor for screening, and several stones of different specifications are screened out. The stone that meets the particle size requirement is sent by the finished belt conveyor to the finished material pile; the particle size requirement is not met. The stone is returned to the jaw crusher or shaping machine by the belt conveyor for re-crushing to form a closed circuit for multiple cycles. The finished product size can be combined and graded according to the user's needs. Sanding is required. The broken material can be broken into a double rotor sand making machine or a cone to break. To protect the environment, it can be equipped with auxiliary dust removal equipment. The utilization rate of crushing can be equipped with dry sand and gravel separator. The separated stone powder can be widely used in food, feed, chemical and other industries.


Quartz stone superfine grinding is a common milling equipment in mining, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, etc. It is mainly suitable for processing non-flammable and explosive materials with Mohs hardness below 9.3 and humidity below 6%. For example, more than 280 kinds of materials such as calcite, feldspar and limestone can be adjusted between 0.613 mm and 0.033 mm.
Regarding the working efficiency of quartz stone ultrafine mill, it is not only the equipment, no matter which equipment, it must have high production efficiency to reduce production cost and shorten the time. Low work efficiency is the natural enemy of every device. The equipment is good or bad. We mainly look at the production efficiency. Next, experts from Shibang Industrial Technology Group will explain some experiences and conclusions.
1. Improper operation
In the event of any problems in the equipment, it should be dealt with in a timely manner. It should not be seen or thought to be a minor problem. Otherwise, the mill will be subjected to a lot of pressure, which will make the production efficiency lower.
2. Specifications of processed materials
We all know that the range of quartz stone ultra-fine grinding materials is Mohs hardness below 9.3 and humidity below 6%. Therefore, when we use the mill to process materials, we should pay attention to its processing range, hardness is too large and the particle size is too Large ones cannot be directly placed into the quartz stone ultra-fine grinding process. First, the materials should be processed to the grain size suitable for the processing of the equipment. If the humidity is not reached, we must first dry it and then proceed. Processing.
3, quartz stone superfine grinding itself
Regardless of any grinding equipment, after a period of use, such as wear parts such as grinding ring grinding rolls, it is necessary to check the wear and tear of these parts on time and to maintain and replace them, because these conditions will also make the quartz stone superfine grinding. Work efficiency is reduced.


The demand for ultrafine mill of silicon carbide is broad, and fake products may appear.
Ultra-fine grinding is a special equipment for processing high-fineness silicon carbide. At present, there are not many ultrafine mill manufacturers in China. The development of ultrafine mill in Shanghai, Fujian, Shandong and other places is better. In recent years, with the rapid development of the economy, the demand for processing and utilization of ultrafine mill production lines has also been greatly enhanced. However, there are also some ultrafine mill manufacturers who claim to produce silicon carbide superfine grinding products, which is worthy of serious study.
What are the processing steps for the silicon carbide ultrafine mill line?
1. Take the silicon carbide raw material, crush it by crusher, and sieve it to silicon carbide particles of not more than 5mm, and then shape it to silicon carbide particles of not more than 2mm with a shaping machine, and the oval particles account for more than 80%. , then pickling and removing impurities and drying;
2. The dried silicon carbide particles are pulverized into a silicon carbide powder having a d50=9.5-11.5 μm by a mill. When pulverized, the main current of the mill is set to 65-75 A, and the fan flow rate is set to 40-50 m3. /min, the speed of the analyzer is 400-600 rpm;
3. The SiC powder is then classified by a vortex flow classifier. When grading, the fan flow rate of the vortex flow classifier is 25-43 m3/min, and the grading wheel speed is 2600-3300 rpm. Finished product A with a particle size of ds94=6.5-5.5 μm, and a semi-finished product with ds94≤5.5 μm is separated from the cyclone;
4. The semi-finished product separated by the vortex flow classifier cyclone is further classified by the impeller type airflow classifier. When classifying, the flow rate of the fan of the impeller type air classifier is 25-10m3/min, and the speed of the classifying wheel is 1300- -1700 rpm, the finished product B having a particle size of ds94=4.5-3.0 μm is separated from the classification port, and the by-product is separated by the cyclone.
Shanghai Shibang's self-developed ultrafine mill products have been in the milling industry.
Such processes and processes are inseparable from the grinding equipment in mining machinery. Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise specializing in the production of milling machines. It not only has excellent product quality, but also reproduces the mining machinery industry with innovation. Shanghai Shibang's self-developed grinding machine new products have been far away in the same industry, such as: MTM ladder mill, SCM ultrafine superfine mill, YGM Raymond mill, MXB free hem mill, LM stand Mill, MTW European version of trapezoidal mill, Raymond mill, trapezoidal mill, medium speed mill, ultrafine ultrafine mill, coarse powder mill, coarse grinding, free hem grinding, vertical grinding, European version of grinding , pulverizer, pulverizing equipment, grinding machine, milling machine, milling equipment, milling machinery, etc. These equipments not only solve the current problems for many industries, but also bring high economic benefits to customers, winning users. Praise and favor.
Characteristics of SCM series micro-grinding production line
Among them, SCM series ultrafine powder grinding machine is Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co., Ltd. based on years of experience in grinding machine production, absorbing the advantages of domestic and foreign mill manufacturers, after fully inspecting, researching and testing 12 kinds of milling machines and horizontal The ring hammer pulverizer has developed a high-efficiency and low-cost ultrafine mill through many researches and experiments. Ultra-fine grinding production line product features:
1. Efficient. In the case of the same fineness of the finished product and the same motor power, the output is 40% higher than that of the jet mill and the agitator mill.
2. The wearing parts are highly utilized. In the case of the same material and finished product fineness, the wear parts of the impact crusher and the turbo crusher have a longer service life, generally more than one year.
3. High safety and reliability. Since there is no rolling bearing or screw in the grinding cavity, there is no problem that the bearing and its sealing member are vulnerable, and there is no problem that the screw is loose and the machine is destroyed.

New Seminars / Is the sand machine a little leaky?
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When the sand making machine is used for a long time, there will be some problems, such as the sanding machine hammer wear, the parts are damaged, and the equipment needs lubrication. Then there is a small amount of oil leakage in the sand making machine equipment, will it affect its normal work? How to deal with it? Below we have a detailed solution from SBM Mine senior sand making machine manufacturer.
How to solve the oil leakage of the sand making machine or the crusher? Although the machine oil leakage is a common thing, the safety hazard caused by oil leakage is something that every one of us should know. Frequent maintenance of the sand making machine equipment can greatly reduce the chance of oil leakage from the sand making machine. So what are the points that need to be repaired? Here we introduce you one by one:
a. After repairing the sand making machine, when reassembling the upper crushing roller and the shell coupling, the round nut and the coupling bolt should strictly control the tightening torque. When tightening the clamp coupling bolt, it is necessary to pay attention to In order of sequence, the diagonal bolts should be tightened first, then the intermediate bolts should be tightened, and the gap between the couplings on both sides of the facets should be uniform.
b. Maintenance and repair of sand making machine If you need to open the cover of the main and auxiliary transmission gearboxes, you must replace the rubber sealing strip and evenly apply a layer of sealing glue on the static sealing surface before reinstalling to prevent oil leakage on the sealing surface. , oil leakage.
c. The bearings of the upper and lower crushing roller translation linkages of the sand making machine are greased and lubricated. The design requires the use of No. 2 or No. 3 calcium-based grease. And the oil cup cover should be tightened once a week for normal work to inject grease.
d. The final sand making equipment is widely used in metallurgy, construction, hydropower, transportation, chemical industry, building materials industry, suitable for crushing all kinds of ore and rock with hard and medium hardness.


The type, specification and quantity of the equipment used for the sand production line should meet the quality and quantity requirements of the product. If there are a variety of sand making machine that meet the requirements, it should be determined through technical and economic comparison. For the equipment selected for the upper and lower processes, the load should be balanced. The type and specifications of the same working equipment should be as uniform as possible.
Large sand and gravel processing plants should use large-scale equipment that is suitable for the production scale, but the number of equipment for the same operation should not be less than two. The selection of the main sand making machine can generally consider the appropriate load factor, and should not consider the standby of the whole machine. When one of the following conditions is met, the equipment should be considered for standby.
1) The artificial sandstone material has high compressive strength, high hardness and strong abrasiveness.
2) Select the impact sand making machine as the medium and fine crushing equipment.
3) The number of the same operating equipment exceeds three.
The selection of crushing equipment should consider the adaptability of the equipment to the lithology of the raw materials and meet the requirements of the particle size and quantity of the feedstock. The type of screening equipment should be compatible with the processing capacity required for screening aggregates, screening efficiency, operating conditions and equipment configuration requirements. The calculation of the processing capacity of the screening equipment should take into account the fluctuation of the feed amount. The processing capacity of the multi-layer sieve should be calculated according to the control sieve layer, and the thickness of the layer at the discharge end of the screening equipment should be checked.
The type of sand making machine should be compatible with the physical properties of the sand making material, the required processing capacity, the fineness modulus of the sand, and the configuration requirements of the equipment. When selecting the medium-discharge type rod mill as the sand making equipment, the whole machine should be considered for standby, and the single processing capacity, sanding rate and rod grinding of the cobblestone sand making machine should be determined according to the industrial production test or the indoor test result. Number of machines. The belt conveyor conveys the sand material dewatered by the spiral classifier, and the upward allowable inclination angle should not exceed 12", the selected bandwidth should be increased by one level than the calculated value, and the minimum bandwidth should not be less than 650 mm.


The popularity of large vertical roller mill equipment has gradually emerged in the field of ore milling equipment. It has become a rising star in industries such as industry, metallurgy industry and chemical industry, and has become the core mechanical equipment produced by large non-metal powder production enterprises. The specially designed roll sleeve and liner grinding curve can be ground to 650 mesh at one time and to 3250 mesh by secondary powder selection. Which component parameters have an impact on the fineness of the production for vertical roller mills?
Separator parameters: the effect of separator speed on the fineness of the finished product
The main influence of the separator speed is reflected in the classification of coarse powder and fine powder by changing the wind speed. According to the working principle of the vertical roller mill, when the speed of the separator is constant, the wind speed of the feed port is larger, and the fineness of the finished material is lower.
An increase in the speed of the separator causes the disc to generate more centrifugal force, resulting in a finer material. The control of the separator speed is the main method for manual adjustment of material fineness. In order to increase the output of fine powder and let the value of raw materials play a role, it is necessary to adjust the vertical sifting rate of the vertical roller mill by structural adjustment.
Tension force parameter: the effect of tension selection on material properties
High-hardness materials, brittle materials, soft materials, and highly viscous materials require different crushing equipment for their grinding process. The tension of the vertical roller mill is derived from the hydraulic system, which is a sign of the increased level of automation in the vertical roller mill system.
The tension is adjusted according to the thickness of the material layer. If the material layer is too thin, excessive tension is a waste and abnormal vibration of the equipment. The tightening force directly affects the degree of breakage of the material, so the harder the material, the higher the tension required.
Material layer thickness adjustment: material layer thickness adjustment of fixed type equipment
The vertical roller mill uses the principle of material layer grinding. The effect of the grinding roller on the material is determined by the thickness of the layer. The fineness adjustment of the tensioning material is limited. When the material layer on the grinding disc is too thick, a large amount of coarse aggregate is generated, and the material layer is too thin, and the crushing pressure of the material is too large, which easily causes deformation of the finished material. After selecting a model of vertical roller mill, it is necessary to reasonably adjust the thickness of the layer according to the output, fineness and resource utilization efficiency, and improve the yield of the finished product.
If the equipment of the new technology such as the vertical roller mill is to gain a firm foothold in the fierce competition, it must have “extraordinary”, so that more buyers will treat each other differently instead of In the past, the advanced technology of the vertical roller mill is applied to metal ore and non-metal mines, cement production, construction and more industrial fields, so as to improve the economic efficiency of the enterprise and develop a double harvest of the circular economy. I believe that the layout of the vertical roller mill will be bigger and bigger.

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