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Published January 2017

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Cosmopolitanism or cosmopolitics? The choice of the latter as the title of this volume reflects the bottom-up, let a thousand flowers bloom, ethos of the the Open Anthropology Cooperative, an online forum dedicated to, “open access, open membership, open to sharing new ideas, open to whatever the organization might do or become; open to everyone, as in ‘open source’.” This openness attracted the contributors to this volume, who have found in OAC seminars a place to write and think anthropologically in a forum where the academic straitjacket is loosened but serious thinking and writing encouraged. The topics are varied, but “cosmos” and “politics,” consensus and conflict, one world or many, humanity and what it means to be human are always at stake.

Table of Contents

by Keith Hart

1. Introduction: Comopolitics as a Way of Thinking
by Huon Wardle and Justin Shaffner

2. Cosmopolitics and Common Sense
(Working Paper #1, first published 2009)
by Huon Wardle

3. What Did Kant Mean by and Why Did He Adopt a Cosmopolitan Point of View in History?
(Working Paper #12, first published 2012)
by Thomas Sturm

4. Can the Thing Speak?
(Working Paper #7, first published 2011)
by Martin Holbraad

5. Devouring Objects of Study: Food and Fieldwork
(Intervention #1, first published 2011)
by Sidney W. Mintz

6. Cosmetic Cosmologies in Japan: Notes Towards a Superficial Investigation
(Working Paper #4, first published 2010)
by Philip Swift

7. Why do the gods look like that? Material Embodiments of Shifting Meanings
(Working Paper #2, first published 2010)
by John McCreery

8. An Amazonian Question of Ironies and the Grotesque: The Arrogance of Cosmic Deceit, and the Humility of Everyday Life
(Art of Anthropology #1, first published 2012)
by Joanna Overing

9. How Knowledge Grows An Anthropological Anamorphosis
(Working Paper #3, first published 2010)
by Alberto Corsín Jiménez

10. Lance Armstrong: The Reality Show (A Cultural Analysis)
(Working Paper #17, first published 2013)
by Lee Drummond

11. Ritual Murder?
(Intervention #3, first published 2011)
by Jean La Fontaine

12. An Extreme Reading of Facebook
(Working Paper #5, first published 2010)
by Daniel Miller

13. Friendship, Anthropology
(Working Paper #10, first published 2011)
by Liria de la Cruz and Paloma Gay y Blasco