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Jean La Fontaine
Ritual Murder?
Sidney Mintz
 Sidney Mintz
Devouring Objects of...
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The Interventions Series makes the work of renowned anthropologists newly accessible to the OAC community and to the general public. These occasional papers will focus our attention on the changes that have taken place in anthropological thinking through time. We aim to publish work online that has transformed our understanding of anthropology in the past or has the potential to do so now. OAC members will have a chance to talk to the academics concerned in a question and answer format via a thread on the main site.

As with our Working Papers, we hope to refresh notions of what anthropology is and what intellectual creativity consists in. Participants may pose questions to our guest anthropologists within a restricted format; and discussion may spill over into other OAC formats. Like the OAC online seminars, the Interventions question and answer can unfold at a leisurely pace and will give our community an opportunity to converse with some of anthropology’s sharpest minds.